About Us


Headquartered in Plainfield, Illinois, VegiCore Incorporated is a leading provider of predictive marketing and marketing analytics services to businesses in the Wellness Industry.


Our mission is to equip wellness business teams with deep insights that allow them to develop, plan, and execute personalized marketing campaigns.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to genuinely understanding and connecting with wellness consumers in an authentic way. Our experienced team maintains an in-depth understanding of this target audience through predictive analytics, marketing analytics, immersion in market research, focus groups, health and wellness media, health and wellness industry events, and social media platforms.

Our in-depth understanding of the wellness consumer enables us to effectively inform your marketing decisions. Our insights will allow you to better engage the wellness consumer across multiple channels, perform marketing tasks more efficiently, and develop compelling digital content that resonates with this consumer while moving her through the buying lifecycle – all at a lower cost to you.


Our vision is audacious yet clear. We want to provide you with deep insights that inform your marketing decisions across all channels and at every stage of your target buyer’s purchasing journey.

Our Culture

Our cultural foundation is characterized by high production, harmony, and a propensity for growth. Together we have created an environment that inspires success and promotes bold ideas, while promoting positive morale.