This blog explains how digital marketing analytics can be used to advance and grow the vibrant Natural and Organic Foods industry.

Hello, My name is Anthony. I am a former juice bar owner and (current) marketing analytics pro passionate about healthy eating and using organic produce and Superfoods to avert (or even overcome) diet-related degenerative diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and intestinal disorders.

I became vegetarian/vegan about 20 years ago – gradually eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs from my diet – although I must admit that I have often waned a bit over the years. I am motivated to maintain the diet as I’ve noticed that when strictly adhering to it, I experience significant health improvements (including decreased blood pressure and abdominal fat), increased mental clarity, improved intuition and spiritual awareness, a general sense of calm, increased patience, increased energy and vitality, and radiant skin. Moreover, I’ve observed that this enzyme-rich diet gives me more energy and vitality than guys my age who all consume the Standard American Diet (SAD) – which is high in hormone and antibiotic-laden animal fats, unhealthy fats (saturated, hydrogenated), and processed foods – and low in fiber, complex carbohydrates, and plant-based foods. The SAD diet also typically includes excessive amounts of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), sugar, salt, fried foods, and mercury-contaminated fish.

Yet nothing has inspired my resolve to sustain a healthy lifestyle more than losing my little sister (Michelle) in early 2015 to heart disease.

I believe that my sister and many who are suffering as a result of the SAD lifestyle can benefit from a growing Natural and Organic foods industry. A growing and competitive industry means improved processes, a cleaner environment, better quality foods, efficient organic foods distribution, and affordable prices. So this blog is dedicated to my sister and all those who have suffered a loss due to the SAD diet.

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