Analyzing a Brand Based on the 7 Principles of Conversion Content Design

The Whole Foods Market – Naperville, IL is my favorite natural and organic grocery store. My family and I are frequent shoppers here and have shopped there every weekend since its opening in July, 2009.  I am so familiar with the store that I could be an employee there. However, I am not familiar with their website. Despite knowing that I could find coupons and probably recipes, we almost never visit online. So, I decided to browse the “values matter” landing page and – while there – measure it against the 7 Principles of Conversion Content Design.

Upon opening the page, it appears conservative, simple, uncomplicated. The page makes an emotional connection with the message “Values Matter” and draws you in with an appetizing roasted corn image. The primary call-to-action (subscribe here by entering email) is immediately prominent and intuitively placed. However the site does not provide directional cues or a clear line of sight to the call-to-action. Instead there is a clear tunnel vision effect leading the visitor’s attention to a dominant call-to-action thus preventing the eyes from wandering elsewhere. The call-to-action’s white space appears isolated and contrasts well with an empty green background, making it easier to see. Moreover the green surrounding has a psychological impact that engenders mental images of growth, positivity, comfort, and organic food. To ensure that these images are associated with the store, the call-to-action and its contrasting green background match the colors of the company’s logo.

The site subtlety uses the urgency principle with the phrase “the time is ripe” in reference to the call-to-action to get more GMO facts and tips. Since the company sells food via its grocery store the site utilizes the “try before you buy” principle by offering printable coupons. The site uses the Social Proof principle by listing the number of people who like the store on Facebook.

The only negative is that the pictures are too large for comfortable viewing on a laptop. However, the page is optimized for mobile viewing.

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