How to Find the Best Search Tools for Your Industry

Search engine keyword search tools are valuable for your PPC ads as they provide feedback about popular, specific and trending keyword phrases that are actually used by your prospective or current customers to find and buy products or services. These keyword phrases can be valuable in helping you to improve your PPC and SEO marketing campaigns.

There are several options for finding the best search terms for the Natural and Organic Foods Industry. The first method is simple. Just type a keyword in the Google browser and a list of the most popular search terms will appear in a dropdown menu. For example, entering the keyword “Organic foods” yields “Organic Food Delivery”, and “Organic Food Stores”. A search for “Natural and Organic” yields “Natural organic living”, “Natural organic stores”, “Natural organic clothing”, and “Natural organic material”. These popular terms are the most expensive to bid on for PPC ads. Longer-tailed keywords are less expensive to bid on but will help you to zero-in on your target market. These are terms that were used to find very specific products or services.

Another method involves using Google Trends. Google trends compiles information on Google’s most popular searches. Go to  and type one of the industry keywords from your Google search into the explore search bar. When typing in a keyword, you will get a list of Google’s most popular search terms. These are the trending keywords for the industry. For example, exploring “Organic Food”, the explorer will return: “Organic Food”, “Organic Farming”, “Organic Certification”, “Food”, and “Organic Movement”. Be sure to use these keywords in your relevant online content – esp. in your landing page title, page description, URL, image names and articles to produce backlinks that Google uses to rank your landing page. Your search will link to the Explore page. Here you can add terms to view Interest over time for your keywords, Regional Interest, and Related Searches. Use the Bing search engine keyword search tool at . “Yahoo Clues” is the keyword search engine tool for the Yahoo search engine.

Another free keyword search tool is the WordStream Suggestion Tool . Go here to search the popularity of keyword phrases. Once a keyword phrase is entered, the tool returns similar keyword phrases used by consumers to find or buy products. Peruse the keyword phrases that are similar to yours to help target your marketing efforts.

Another way to analyze your web traffic is to install Google Analytics on your site . Use the most popular search terms listed in the analytics section in your SEO and PPC marketing campaigns.

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