Useful Metrics for Marketers

For Web-based Marketers, Web Metrics are a critical gauge of how their marketing efforts are performing. Below are some useful metrics for Web-based marketing efforts.

Website Traffic Metrics

  • Page views
  • Number of hits
  • Unique visitors during a specific period
  • Traffic Sources – What search engines, social media sites, or websites are visitors coming from?
  • Mobile Traffic – Are visitors using mobile devices?
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)How many visitors actually clicked “impressions” of your ad? An impression occurs each time the ad is viewed.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)The specified cost for each instance an internet user clicks your Pay-per-click ad

Conversion Metrics

  • Conversion Rate – Number of visitors that click through the Call to Action (CTA) link. The CTA is the link a visitor must click in order to complete the action you want them to take e.g. subscribing to an email list or buying a product.
  • Cost Per Lead – Conversion ratio of campaign costs – Conversion rate divided by Campaign Cost
  • Bounce Rate – Percent navigated away from the site after viewing only landing page
  • Average Page Views Per Visit – Increase the number of page views per visit to influence conversion rate
  • Average Cost per Page View – What is your average cost per page view and how much revenue are you expecting to generate from the page? The goal is to have the cost per page view significantly lower than the revenue generated from the page.
  • Average Time on Site – Helps gauge what content is relevant
  • Rate of Return Visitors – Provides insight on how you can improve content to guide customers toward the primary CTA
  • Social referrals – a count of all referrals from social networks
  • Change in Facebook followers during a specific period
  • Change in number of email list subscribers during a specific period
  • Change in Pinned items to a Pinterest boardduring a specific period
  • Change in Twitter followers during a specific period

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