Equity Compensation Plan

If you prefer to trade equity for marketing services, our “Equity Compensation Plan” may be the right solution.

  • Includes all listed services
  • Well-defined projects
  • Cancel anytime (Minimum one-month contract)
  • Includes common, non-voting shares
  • Vesting term: one month
  • Vested amount: 2% per month 
  • Maximum equity exchanged: 10%
  • Stock buy-back options available


Our team provides complete marketing services to your business and receives in return 2.0% equity stake for each month of marketing services until a maximum of 10% equity is exchanged. Thereafter, we will continue to provide long-term services at an hourly rate of $49 (to cover the cost of providing services).


  • Save thousands of dollars in marketing expenses
  • No salaries or 1099 compensation
  • No employee taxes
  • No employee liabilities

Project Costs

Flat hourly rate: $49

83D3586A-8B47-49D1-BAA9-DAF9654671D1Your Total Project Cost is a projected cost based on the anticipated number of hours to complete your project multiplied by our flat hourly rate. The actual cost depends on the number of hours needed to complete your project.

The project rate includes all project-related expenses.

Retainer Agreement

Some clients prefer to retain our marketing services at a fixed rate on a periodic basis (e.g. monthly, quarterly, or annually). In such cases, the client pays a fixed fee in advance for a specific number of hours each period to perform a specific task. 

Retainer agreements include a $100 discount from regular project-based costs.

For example, our team agrees to perform 20 hours of marketing services each month at $880 per month (instead of $980).

Things to consider before choosing this option:

  • Length of the retainer agreement
  • How many hours are required to complete your project?
  • What services do you need?
  • When is the work due?

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